NOwaxx S60

NOwaxx S60

Set of 3 calibrated pickups

  • Description

    In the 60s single coils were designed to be slighty more powerful. Through adding turns of wire, these pickups have stronger emphasis in den mids, more compression and a little more output. The NOwaxx 60s set is the perfect choice for rhythm and lead guitarists who are looking for an allround pickup.

  • Specs

    • Magnet: AlNiCo5
    • Resistance (N/M/B): ca. 5,8 / 5,8 / 7,0 kOhm
    • Reversed Middle Pickup
    • Staggering: Vintage (or others)
    • Cover: White
    • NOwaxx© Technology
    • Handwound in Bavaria/Germany
    • Including 3 pickups, screws, installation instructions
  • Info

    • Optionen / Options (1,2,3,4)
    • Pickups auf Anfrage einzeln erhältlich / Pickups available on request