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In the NOwaxx Custom Shop you can have your pickups tailored to you precise needs. You can decide on sound and look of your pickups. The following options are at your choice:

  • Under appropriate template different classics can be replicated
    For example: Z.B.: Jazzmaster, Höfner Bässe/Gitarren, G. Firebird, Nighthawk, F. WideRange, MiniHB, Jaguar, MustangBass, 50s PrecisionBass...

  • Various designs or pickup types on request

  • Wire: Polyurethane (standard), plain enamel, heavy formvar

  • Magnets: AlNiCo 2/3/4/5/8/9 or ceramic

  • Various relic finishes

  • Wire: 1-/2-/4-conductor

  • Cover Singlecoil: White, creme, black (or others)

  • Color Humbucker: Black, white, creme, zebra, pink, green (or others)

  • Cover Humbucker: Chrome, gold, unplated, black & open, closed, semi-open (or others)

  • Staggering singlecoils: Vintage, modern (or others)

  • Turns of pickup-wire (affects the resanance frequency)

  • 7-, or. 8-string options

  • F-spacing humbucker (52mm)

Please send your questions directly to:

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