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NOwaxx Retro 64/54

NOwaxx Retro 64/54

Set of 3 calibrated pickups

  • Beschreibung

    Who hasn't experienced this: The amp is set up perfectly to support the neck and middle pickup, the guitar sounds nice and fat and well-balanced and the smile on the guitarist's lips only disappears when they switch to the bridge pickup - because now it sounds harsh, scratchy and far too thin. For many guitarists, this can be a reason to replace the original bridge PU with a fatter-sounding pickup. An obvious solution is the combination of dynamic and fresh-sounding pickups from the 50s for the middle and neck positions and a 60s pickup for the bridge position - these sound fatter, more balanced and louder and also deliver more compression. The Retro 64/54 set combines these two decades into one set. To increase the power in the bridge position, the 64 pickup within this set is overwound. 

  • Specs

    • Magnets: AlNiCo5

    • Wire: Plain Enamel (bridge), heavy formvar (middle, neck)

    • Resistance (B/M/N): 7,6 / 5,7 / 5,7 kOhm (+/-5%)

    • Middle PU RW/RP 

    • Finish: White (or others)

    • Wiring: Pushback

    • Staggering: Vintage

    • NOwaxx© Technology

    • Handwound in Bavaria/Germany

    • Including 3 pickups, screws, installation instructions

    • (Also available separately on request)



Options (1,2,3,4)

- NOwaxx Tonechart (pickup overwiew)

- Separate pickups available on request

- Custom made pickups: Custom Shop

About NOwaxx

Unwaxed pickups have richer overtones, sound fatter and less held-back. In other words: You get more of everything. There lies the rub: Unwaxed pickups are prone to create feedback. That's the point where NOwaxx technology comes into play! Through a sophisticated System Martin Hornauer managed to kill feedback without using wax. All NOwaxx pickups are hand-made by Martin in meticulous single-item production.  <more>

100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
NOwaxx offers a 100-day satisfaction guarantee. The period of this guarantee is valid from receipt of the goods. If the buyer does not like it, he has the option of exchanging the pickups he has purchased for another NOwaxx pickup product or having them modified
. <mehr>

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