NOwaxx Retro 54

NOwaxx Retro 54

Set of 3 calibrated pickups

  • Description

    The NOwaxx Retro Series from past times. Every pickup is made using the original wire. The 54s Retro Set is wound using the "Heavy Formvar" wire from the 50s. The thick isolation of the material results in a very crisp and fresh tone. The middle position is not "reversed" which makes it sound even more open and clear.

  • Specs

    • Magnet: AlNiCo5

    • Wire: Heavy Formvar

    • Resistance (B/M/N): 6,5 / 5,8 / 5,8 kOhm (+/-3%)

    • Middle PU not reversed (or others)

    • Finish: Aged (or others)

    • Staggering: Vintage

    • NOwaxx© Technology
    • Handwound in Bavaria/Germany
    • Including 2 pickups, screws, installation instructions
  • Info

  • About NOwaxx

    Unwaxed pickups have richer overtones, sound fatter and less held-back. In other words: You get more of everything. There lies the rub: Unwaxed pickups are prone to create feedback. That's the point where NOwaxx technology comes into play! Through a sophisticated System Martin Hornauer managed to kill feedback without using wax. All NOwaxx pickups are hand-made by Martin in meticulous single-item production.