NOwaxx Kurt Härtl KH1

NOwaxx Kurt Härtl KH1

Set of 2 calibrated pickups

  • Description

    Kurt Härtl, known from TV productions like "Popstars/Pro7" or as a companion for various live acts, has very specific requirements for his set-up. As a constantly booked guitarist for acts like Götz Alsmann, Anna Maria Kaufmann, Norisha Campbell and Eddy Miller, he needs maximum cut through at a controlled volume. The basis for this are pickups with the greatest possible dynamics and a very pronounced treble. The proportion of overtones typical for NOwaxx also allows for many more timbres when using the tone pot - in a very puristic way. In live performance the symmetrical arrangement of the pole screws results in very low hum noise. The pickup set by Kurt Härtl is an extremely powerful all-purpose weapon for country, jazz, blues or pop in the live environment.

  • Specs

    • Magnet: AlNiCo2
    • Resistance (B/N): ~ 6,7 / 5,6 kOhm (+/-3%)
    • Cover: German Silver, nickel plated (or others)
    • Wiring: 1-conductor
    • NOwaxx© Technology
    • Handwound in Bavaria/Germany
    • Including 2 pickups, screws, installation instructions
    • (Also available separately on request)
  • Info

  • About NOwaxx

    Unwaxed pickups have richer overtones, sound fatter and less held-back. In other words: You get more of everything. There lies the rub: Unwaxed pickups are prone to create feedback. That's the point where NOwaxx technology comes into play! Through a sophisticated System Martin Hornauer managed to kill feedback without using wax. All NOwaxx pickups are hand-made by Martin in meticulous single-item production.