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NOwaxx Hot Twang III

NOwaxx Hot Twang III

Set of 2 calibrated pickups

  • Description

    Be honest - how many of us guitarists have never been bothered by the imbalance of a classic standard TL pickup set? The bridge pickup often is "screechy" and the neck pickup tends to "muffle". But there indeed are a few ingredients that can make a TL set sound very balanced - and that also makes it easier to adjust the guitar amp!




    To make the bridge pickup sound fatter and less aggressive, it needs a higher number of wire turns. This increases the compression, the earthy mids emerge and the importunity in the high-mid range decreases - and yet, thanks to the "NOwaxx technology", the delicacy in the upper treble range remains.




    The measures for the neck pickup are somewhat more complex. I go for a slightly thicker plain enamel wire, which is usually used in old 60s Strats. This increases the dynamics, improves the reproduction of the "fine highs" and the mud in the low-mid range disappears.




    To cut a long story short: The Hot Twang Set sounds nice and "round" for clean sounds at the bridge and has enough "fatness" for low to mid-gain distortion sounds. The neck position with its lively "Strat genes" makes the set a real all-rounder in the studio and on stage.



    Choosing the pickup cover (neck):

    Chrome and nickel covers have the best corrosion resistance. You get the best sound (dynamics and clarity) with uncoated covers.

  • Specs

    • Magnet: AlNiCo5
    • Resistance (B/N): ~ 12 / 5,5 kOhm (+/-3%)
    • RW/RP neck pickup
    • Cover neck pickup: German silver
    • NOwaxx© technology
    • Handwound in Bavaria/Germany
    • Including 2 pickups, screws, installation instructions
    • Recommended for: Clean and low-mid gain overdrive
    • Pickups are also available separately (on request)


Options (1,2,3,4)

- NOwaxx Tonechart (pickup overwiew)

- Separate pickups available on request

- Custom made pickups: Custom Shop

About NOwaxx

Unwaxed pickups have richer overtones, sound fatter and less held-back. In other words: You get more of everything. There lies the rub: Unwaxed pickups are prone to create feedback. That's the point where NOwaxx technology comes into play! Through a sophisticated System Martin Hornauer managed to kill feedback without using wax. All NOwaxx pickups are hand-made by Martin in meticulous single-item production.  <more>

100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
NOwaxx offers a 100-day satisfaction guarantee. The period of this guarantee is valid from receipt of the goods. If the buyer does not like it, he has the option of exchanging the pickups he has purchased for another NOwaxx pickup product or having them modified
. <mehr>

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