NOwaxx Cable

NOwaxx Cable

Quality you can hear, without compromise!


With the NOwaxx guitar cable the "principle of the unrestrained guitar tone" will be continuously followed. It all is no secret - it's simply all about the lowest possible cable capacity(*). The capacity can, if not taken care of, lower the quality of the guitar tone immensely, especially in the area of fine trebles and cut-through mids.


With my pickups, I promote the richest and tightest tone with rich overtones and dynamic transparency. The rest of the sound is formed by amp, speaker and effects. But the cable should

not decide on tone, because a loss of sound due to high cable capacities can no longer be recovered by anything in the subsequent signal chain!


The NOwaxx cable is particularly smooth and stable and lies really flat on the floor.



Cable key data:

  • Cable capacity: 52pF/m
  • Conductor resistance: 48Ohm/km
  • Diameter outside: 7.2mm
  • Diameter inner conductor: 0.70mm
  • robust, highly flexible, twist-proof and easy to wind
  • double-shielded
  • sturdy metal plug, by Neutrik


(*) Sources and technical background

  • Lowpass (high-cut):
  • Quality factor (character strength):
  • Capacity: