Alex Haas AH7

Alex Haas AH7

Set of 2 calibrated pickups, 7-string

  • Description

    Alex Haas, guitarist of the medieval metal band INGRIMM, was long looking for a pickup set to meet his special demands. The goal was a sound with less compression, more dynamics and an aggressive mid and high spectrum. Every nuance of his attack, as well as all single notes within chords, should be made clearly recognizable. In short, the pickup must to reproduce exactly what is played ... mercilessly, unaltered and absolutely direct!



    The basic idea was building the pickup on a PAF basis. By construction this old classic comes with a lot of dynamics and distinctive mid tones. To enhance that high-mid character, the coils were symmetrically equipped with hexagon screws which pushes the mids and tightens up the bass to make it less squishy.



    With the "Alex Haas Set" a powerful tool was created, that relentlessly renders every nuance and gives the player maximum control over his instrument. Alex himself says: "Every stroke is a punch in the face - that's how it has to be!"

    Ingrimm's website:

  • Specs

    • Magnet: AlNiCo5
    • 7-String pickup set
    • Resistence (B/N): approx. 9,0 / 7,4 kOhm
    • Color: black
    • Wiring: 1-conductor (or others)
    • NOwaxx© Technology
    • Handwound in Bavaria/Germany
    • Including 2 pickups, screws, installation instructions
    • (Also available separately on request)
  • Info

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    • Pickups auf Anfrage einzeln erhältlich / Pickups available on request